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What is reconstructionism?

Reconstructionists value Jewish traditions and rituals, while also believing in innovating, changing, and “reconstructing” those traditions so that Judaism continues to add meaning to our current lives. We emphasize peoplehood and belonging, which translates into greater community involvement in synagogue life. The Reconstructionist Movement has made ground-breaking changes in Jewish liturgy, ritual, and synagogue governance, as well as in gender equality in all aspects of Jewish life.


Think of Reconstructionism as a bridge between Jewish tradition of old and contemporary Jewish life. We are a movement of people who wish to sustain the vibrant life of modern-day Judaism while also experiencing the richness of the treasury of Jewish tradition.


Reconstructionists come from varied walks of life and backgrounds. While some are new to Jewish commitment, others hail from traditional homes and synagogues. Many who have previously felt excluded from strictly traditional synagogue life find a warm welcome in Reconstructionist congregations.


Reconstructionists share a commitment to making Judaism our own by finding in it joy, meaning, and beliefs that align with our ideals. We wish to belong to caring communities of progressive Jews who take their Judaism seriously -- communities like Congregation Kehilat Shalom. 


Read more about the Reconstructionist Movement at Reconstructing Judaism.



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