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donate to CKS

CKS prides ourselves on being an open, welcoming, and progressive community. No potential member is turned away for lack of ability to pay membership dues, and our High Holiday services are always free and accessible to all (members and non-members). 

In order to achieve this mission, CKS relies on the generosity of our  congregation and greater community to remain open and functioning in the ways that support our values.

Each household contributes to membership, but we also sometimes put out calls for funding for special projects and events. There is no getting around the fact that like most synagogues, we rely on your financial support and generosity. Every contribution, from the smallest to the largest, counts in enormous ways. 

We also ask that our members respond to our mission by contributing their time and expertise to our committees and other endeavors whenever possible. We are an engaged and supportive community, and we thrive when working together to achieve our collective aims.

Outside of membership dues, we are always happy to accept donations at the High Holidays (however, as stated above, these are never required, even for non-members). We are also glad to accept donations in memoriam of loved ones, or in celebration of births, B mitzvahs, marriages, graduations, and other joyous occasions.

You are also able to purchase memorial plaques, contribute to our building and maintenance fund, donate to the Rabbi's discretionary fund or our Religious School, or volunteer to fund a special project or community event. All donations are tax-deductible and accepted with the deepest gratitude and respect, with a promise of good stewardship of funds to further our goal of continuing to offer a strong, welcoming, Jewish "home" in central New Jersey. 

Tue, May 21 2024 13 Iyar 5784