Torah Study – February 20th 9:30 am

Decisions, Decisions! Torah Study, Saturday, February 20th
How do you make decisions in your life, whether personal, business, or otherwise? What makes us sometimes toss a coin and other times seek the advice of a friend or a professional? When do we make a list of pros and cons and agonize for days, even months, about which course of action to take, and when do we just “follow our gut”?
In this week’s Torah portion, the mysterious objects known as the Urim and Thumim make their first Biblical appearance. Said to be part of the Kohen Gadol’s (High Priest’s) decision-making apparatus, the Urim and Thumim’s description and use — even the meaning of the words themselves — have been the subject of conjecture and debate for two millennia.
Join us this Saturday morning for a brief Torah service followed by a lively discussion regarding these strange and puzzling objects, as well as our own decision-making processes.
Saturday, February 20th, 9:30 am. Coffee and bagels will be served.
Published in Happenings on February 16, 2016