Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Once again, we are saddened and horrified by the terrible bombing yesterday in Jerusalem which injured 21 individuals. This attack comes after a wave of violence and random knife attacks for the past six months in Israel. Any attack that targets innocent civilians in cafes or theatres or airports – whether in Jerusalem, Paris, Boston, or Kabul – should be roundly condemned by the international community.

Yet, despite the violence, we must not give up praying and working for peace between the Israeli and the Palestinian people. As the Psalmist says, Sha-alu shelom-Yerushalayim/ “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”. And, as we are taught by our ancestors, we must all strive to be Rodfei Shalom/ Pursuers of Peace. This means working for peace ourselves, as well as supporting those individuals and organizations on both sides of the conflict that are working tirelessly to find peaceful solutions in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem… may there be peace within your ramparts and tranquility within your citadels.” (Psalm 122) Amen v’Amen.

Rabbi Susan

Published in Rabbi Susan's Blog on April 19, 2016