Board of Trustees

Board members are elected at our annual meeting in May, and serve for two- or three-year terms, depending upon the position.

Steve Weinstein (2019)

First Vice President
Iris Rubinstein (2020)

Second Vice President
Jill Fraticelli (2020)

Amy Rosenthal (2020)

Recording Secretary
Francine Pfeffer (2020)

Financial Secretary
Bill Ries (2020)

Tim Kowalski (2019)
Ira Sperling (2019)
George Cohen (2020)
Larry Spinrad (2020)
Tracey Goldberg (2021)
Scott Strauss (2021)

Immediate Past President
Bob Neusner (2019)

Board Documents
Board Brit
Long-Range Plan
Social Action Policy

George Cohen

Jill Fraticelli

Tracey Goldberg

Tim Kowalski

Bob Neusner

Francine Pfeffer

Bill Ries

Amy Rosenthal

Iris Rubinstein

Ira Sperling

Scott Strauss

Steve Weinstein