Hurricane Relief Puerto Rico

Chevre/Fellow Congregants,

As we have all seen by now, the damage to Puerto Rico is nothing short of catastrophic and simply heart-wrenching.  There is no electricity and the basic needs – food, water, gasoline for generators – are running out.  It will likely take years to rebuild the island.  In the meantime, here are ways to provide more immediate assistance.

B’Tefilah/In Prayer, Rabbi Susan


UNICEF is accepting donations for earthquake victims at and for victims of hurricanes Irma and Maria at

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. (In conjunction with UNICEF, the JDC is already underway in helping with the recovery in the Caribbean.)

Unidos Por Puerto Rico. Beatriz Rosselló, the wife of Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, has created an initiative to support hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. Donations can be made at

The Empire State Relief and Recovery Effort for Puerto Rico.

Hispanic Federation: “Unidos”

The Miami Foundation is accepting donations for Caribbean islands impacted by Maria and Irma, including Antigua and Barbuda, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Donations can be made at

Published in Rabbi Susan's Blog on September 28, 2017