Grief in Barcelona

Chevre/Fellow Congregants:

Once again, we look on with horror at the violence of yet another terrorist attack, this time in Barcelona, Spain. 14 dead. 100 injured. In the past year, there have been so many terrorist attacks (including the most recent in our own city of Charlottesville, Virginia), that I have struggled with whether words might offer meaning any more – or simply just more emptiness.

How do we offer words of consolation, of meaning at such an hour?

All I could think of yesterday were the words of the prophet Jeremiah, which I will share with you now: “A voice is sounded in Ramah, a wailing, bitter weeping of Rachel weeping for her children. She has refused to be consoled about her children – for they are no more.”

Like our mother Rachel, we weep with the people of Spain, the victims and their families. Their grief is our grief. Their pain is our pain.

Praying for Peace,

Rabbi Susan

Published in Rabbi Susan's Blog on August 18, 2017