Global Day of Jewish Learning

Global Day of Jewish Learning – On November 7, 2010, communities from around the world and rabbis and synagogues in our Federation will share a day of Jewish dialogue and exploration, joining together in celebration of all that unites us.   The conversation that has spanned millennia will resonate at once in community centers, classrooms, and synagogues across the globe.  Be counted! For more information, see

Special Jewish LIFE Program at JCC, Bridgewater – 4:30 – 7:00 PM
Featuring Rabbi Noam E. Marans,
Associate Director, Inter Relegious & Inter Group Relations Contemporary Jewish Life.
We celebrate the massive achievement of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, renowned Jewish teacher, philosopher, social critic and prolific author, as he completes his 45-year project of translation of and commentary on the Talmud for the first time ever. Join a stellar panel of our own local Rabbis, spiritual leaders and scholars for an evening of enriching, absorbing discussion on universal themes that unite us all.

Published in Adult Education on October 5, 2010