Staff and Teachers

Our Principal

Ann Willig KanarekAnn Willig Kanarek is the principal of Nesiyot, our Religious School for grades K-7. Ann has a Masters in Education from Rutgers University and comes to us with years of experience in Jewish education, serving as Education Director of several Religious Schools in New Jersey and Pennsylvania - as well as serving as the Assistant Principal of our religious school between 1988 and 1991.

K - 2nd Grade and Kehiloft

Morah Tracey Weingarten has been teaching our youngest Religious School children since 2009 and loves every minute! She teaches K-2 and is excited to now be getting the siblings of students she has already had. One of her favorite activities in her class is going on spontaneous "field trips" to experience parts of the sanctuary or enhance vocabulary or the Alef Bet. Morah Tracey looks forward to a wonderful year filled with learning and fun. This year, we're thrilled that Morah Tracey also will be leading our teens in Kehiloft. On a personal note, Morah Tracey grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, went to Syracuse University and lives in Kendall Park with her husband Marc and 3ish children (well, one is away at college). During the rest of the week, Morah Tracey is a substitute teacher in South Brunswick.

3rd & 4th Grade

Morah Susan Trager

6th - 7th Grade

Morah Sharon Taub