Our Board of Trustees has adopted the following policies for our synagogue.  They reflect our Reconstructionist values, as well as our commitment to Judaism and community. 

Shabbat / Sacred Space Policy (May 2017):

See the Shabbat / Sacred Space Policy.

Kashrut Policy:

  1. Dairy foods are permitted.
  2. Pareve foods are permitted (no meat or dairy, including grains legumes, vegetables, nuts, eggs, fish, etc.)
  3. Potluck meals must be dairy and/or pareve.
  4. Seafood must be kosher: Only fish that have fins and scales are permitted.
  5. Any meat served in the building must be from a kosher caterer/labeled Kosher.
  6. When kosher meat is served, no dairy foods can be served. Pareve vegetarian options should be made available.
  7. Shellfish and pork are not permitted.

Upholding Jewish Values at CKS:

Congregation Kehilat Shalom is a welcoming Jewish Reconstructionist community, and is dedicated to serving the spiritual, educational, cultural and social needs of its congregants. The congregation is proud to include members from a variety of Jewish backgrounds, those who have chosen Judiasm as adults, and those in interfaith families. It is the policy of Congregation Kehilat Shalom and its members to teach and embody Jewish values and ideals while attending services, religious school, ritual happenings and all congregational-sponsored events. Therefore, proselytizing or imposing other faith ideals on teachers, students and members are not permitted in these situations. The Executive Board, in consultation with the Rabbi, is empowered by the Board of Trustees to identify, verify and respond to any incidents that are in violation of this policy, including revocation of membership.

Financial Assistance:

It is the policy of CKS that no congregant be denied membership due to financial difficulties. If you are unable to pay your full membership dues, please contact our Financial Secretary.


The Board reserves the right to review all advertising in the newsletter. In addition, while we welcome paid ads for our newsletter from members and nonmembers, we do not permit articles in the newsletter, additions to the weekly eblast or website (including but not limited to pop-ups or logos), or direct emails to members of the congregation for anything not related to synagogue business.

Use of Member Directory:

This directory’s contents are the property of CKS and are not to be used by, distributed to or sold to any organization. The directory is intended for home and family use only. If you would like to send a message to the CKS community, please contact the office.

Procedure for CKS endorsement of non-CKS events:

CKS may take a position as a synagogue on a public event or issue. Recent examples include Israel rally, documentary film showing at area synagogue. Requests are usually time sensitive and may be controversial.

  • If CKS is approached to take a position, either the President or Rabbi will initiate a series of emails with the board for thoughts, discussion, and consideration. A consensus of board members which is understood to be a majority of the board is appropriate for approval. The president or rabbi should include a date by which response is expected (such as 3 days). Lack of response is to be considered abstaining.
  • When appropriate, the Tikkun Olam committee will be involved in the discussions.

Kvelling/Great Happenings:

A periodic section will be included in our newsletters called “Kvelling / Great Happenings” with the purpose to celebrate all the good things that are happening within the families of our community. These items may also be included in the monthly newsletter upon discretion of the board under the direction of the 2nd vice president. Rules are as follows:

  • Announcements should only be about congregants and our families.
  • Submissions must be sent to kvelling@kehilatshalomnj.org to be monitored by the 2nd vice president for approval.
  • Nothing political. Nothing that would jeopardize the tax-exempt status of CKS.
  • No advertising.
  • About 50 words max.

Policy on Fundraising for Outside Organizations

All fundraising activity on Congregation Kehilat Shalom (CKS) property must be approved by the Tikkun Olam Committee, Rabbi, Executive Committee, or Board of Trustees. No fundraising should be allowed for outside organizations unless sponsored by CKS. “Fundraising” is defined as the soliciting and gathering of voluntary contributions of money or other resources by requesting donation.

Board requirements (March 2010):

See the CKS Board Brit.

B’nei Mitzvah Policy (September 2018):

See the CKS B’nei Mitzvah Policy.

Social Action Policy (March 2017):

See the CKS Social Action Policy.