A Three-Part Series: Judaism at the End of Life

Please join us for a three-part series on Judaism at the end of life.

Session 1: Using Jewish Values in Making End-of-Life Decisions. January 17, 2016.
Through study and discussion, learn how Jewish teachings can illuminate and provide guidance with the issues people face in making end of life decisions and the search for meaning. Together we will discuss navigating technological advances, patient self-determination, and the ability to control one’s own destiny.

Session 2: Prayers of Mourning, Prayers of Healing. February 28, 2016.
What do the traditional Jewish prayers teach us about grief and loss? How can these ancient words offer us comfort as we confront our loved ones’ and our own mortality? Together we will study three familiar prayers: Mourners Kaddish, El Maleh Rachamim, and Psalm 23. We will explore their language, history, theology, and discuss how they can be of help in times of grief and mourning.

Session 3: Body and Soul: Jewish Beliefs About the Afterlife. April 3, 2016.  
Resurrection, immortality, reincarnation, heaven and hell. Do Jews believe in an afterlife? Discover what our rich tradition has said through the ages about life after death. Together we’ll study Jewish prayers, teachings and stories; learn each movement’s position on the subject; and grapple with these concepts and teachings for ourselves.

All sessions are taught by Rabbi Susan Falk at Congregation Kehilat Shalom, 9:30-11:30 am. Members are free. Non-member suggested donation is $7.00; $18 for all three sessions.

For questions or additional information, please contact Congregation Kehilat Shalom at (908) 359-0420 or admin@kehilatshalomnj.org

Published in Adult Education on February 18, 2016